Chronological History Volume 1 PAL 88 mins
A Chronological History Volume 1 1957-62 88m EX VHS
22-06-57: Bye Bye Love (Julius LaRosa Show)
30-06-57: Bye Bye Love (The Ed Sullivan Show)
04-08-57: Bye Bye Love / Hey Doll Baby (The Ed Sullivan Show)
06-10-57: Wake Up Little Susie (The Ed Sullivan Show)
07-12-57: Wake Up Little Susie / Bye Bye Love (The Perry Como Show)
05-01-58: This Little Girl Of Mine / Wake Up Little Susie (The Ed Sullivan Show)
05-02-58: Wake Up Little Susie / Should We Tell Him (The Big Record)
09-03-58: Wake Up Little Susie / Be-Bop-A-Lula (The Ed Sullivan Show)
27-04-58: All I Have To Do Is Dream (The Ed Sullivan Show)
09-02-59: All I Have To Do Is Dream / Interview / Long Time Gone / Problems (The Archie Bleyer Show)
26-04-59: Take A Message To Mary / Bird Dog (The Chevy Show)
30-09-59: Bird Dog / Till I Kissed You (The Perry Como Show)
23-01-60: Let It Be Me / Till I Kissed You (Dick Clarks Saturday Night Beechnut Show)
06-04-60: Bird Dog / Till I Kissed You / All I Have To Do Is Dream / Cathys Clown (The Alma Cogan Show)
00-00-60: So Sad (Norwegian TV)
09-07-60: Cathys Clown (Dick Clarks Saturday Night Beechnut Show)
13-04-61: Lucille / Walk Right Back / Interview / Rattlesnake Daddy / Bird Dog (The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show)
29-10-61: Lucille / Dont Blame Me / Bye Bye Love (The Ed Sullivan Show)
18-02-62: Crying In The Rain / Jezebel  (The Ed Sullivan Show)
Chronological History Volume 2 PAL 127 mins
A Chronological History Volume 2 1964-67 127m EX VHS
16-09-64: Youre The One I Love / Hi-Lili Hi-Lo / Lucille (Shindig!)
14-10-64: Let It Be Me / Gone Gone Gone (Shindig!)
18-11-64: Gone Gone Gone / All I Have To Do Is Dream / Bye Bye Love / Rip It Up (Shindig!)
02-02-65: Gone Gone Gone / Youre My Girl (Hullabaloo)
10-03-65: Wake Up Little Susie / Thatll Be The Day / Bird Dog (Shindig!)
13-04-65: Lonely Weekends / I Got A Woman / All I Have To Do Is Dream / Grammys Medley (Hullabaloo)
09-06-65: Gone Gone Gone / Great Balls Of Fire / The Price Of Love (Shindig!)
16-06-65: Wake Up Little Susie / Cathys Clown / Ill Never Get Over You / Medley (Shindig!)
19-06-65: Cathys Clown / Gone Gone Gone / Ill Never Get Over You (Hollywood A Go Go)
23-06-65: Ill Never Get Over You (Shindig!)
16-09-65: Rip It Up - Ready Teddy / Love Is Strange / The Girl Cant Help It (Shindig!)
17-01-65: The Price Of Love / Medley (Hullabaloo)
05-02-66: Lovey Kravezit (Hollywood A Go Go)
00-02-66: Bye Bye Love / Medley / Cathys Clown / Lovey Kravezit (Swingin Time)
28-02-66: Cathys Clown / Lonely Avenue (Where The Action Is)
20-07-66: Bye Bye Love / Interview (The Merv Griffin Show)
08-08-66: Walk Right Back / Mention My Name / Medley (Kraft Summer Music Hall)
00-00-67: Interview (Lets Go)
Chronological History Volume 3 PAL 90 mins
A Chronological History Volume 3 1968-70 90m EX VHS
11-06-68: Bye Bye Love / Walk Right Back (Lulus Back In Town)
27-10-68: Mama Tried (The Summer Smothers Brothers Show)
15-06-69: Walk Right Back / Bye Bye Love (The Ed Sullivan Show)
08-11-69: Mama Tried / Medley (Hollywood Palace)
10-11-69: Bowling Green / Medley (The Music Scene)
05-01-70: Walk Right Back / Medley (The Music Scene)
04-02-70: Bye Bye Love / All I Have To Do Is Dream / Wake Up Little Susie (The Johnny Cash Show)
05-08-70: Lady Madonna / Sweet Baby James / Tennessee Birdwalk / Christopher Robin  / Thatll Be The Day / People Get Ready / This Little Light Of Mine / Let It Be Me ('The Everly Brothers Show') (Note: This was episode 5 of a 10-part series)
05-11-70: Mama Tried / Bye Bye Love - Your Cheatin Heart (The Dean Martin Show)
06-12-70: Games People Play / Let It Be Me (The Petula Clark Special)
23-12-70: (The Johnny Cash Christmas Show)
Chronological History Volume 4 PAL 105 mins
A Chronological History Volume 4 1971-83 105m EX VHS
00-08-71: Interview (Sydney Airport, Australia)
20-08-71: Honky Tonk Women / All I Have To Do Is Dream / Mama Tried / Bye Bye Love / Phil Everly interview / Let It Be Me (Hippies With Money, Sydney, Australia)
28-11-71: Bye Bye Love / Mama Tried / All I Have To Do Is Dream / Bowling Green (The Ed Sullivan Show)
09-05-72: Stories We Can Tell / Medley (The David Frost Show)
19-08-72: All I Have To Do Is Dream / Stories We Can Tell (The Midnight Special)
19-09-72: Stories We Can Tell / Brand New Tennessee Waltz (The Old Grey Whistle Test)
28-10-72: Stories We Can Tell (Beat Club)
28-10-72: All I Have To Do Is Dream / Bye Bye Love (Beat Club outtakes)
00-00-73: Lay It Down (The Video Show)
00-00-74: Let It Be Me (Cilla) (Phil Everly with Cilla Black)
00-00-79: Bye Bye Love / Bo Diddley (Hammersmith Odeon, London) (Don Everly with Paul McCartney and Wings, The Crickets and Albert Lee)
00-00-79: All I Have To Do Is Dream (German TV) (Phil Everly with Dean Reed)
00-00-79: Bye Bye Love (German TV) (Phil Everly with Dean Reed) + 80s Interview
00-00-80: Bye Bye Love (The Ronnie Prophet Show) (Don Everly with Ronnie Prophet)
00-00-80: Walk Right Back / Bye Bye Love (Rotterdam, Holland) (Don Everly solo)
01-05-81: When Will I Be Loved / Medley: Long Tall Sally - Rip It Up (Hammersmith Odeon, London) (Phil Everly with Cliff Richard)
00-00-82: Sweet Pretender / Let It Be Me (The Stephanie Lawrence Show) (Phil Everly solo + with Stephanie Lawrence)
00-00-82: Interview + Sweet Pretender (Nationwide) (Phil Everly solo)
00-00-82: Louise (Razzmatazz) (Phil Everly solo)
00-05-83: Interview (American Bandstand) (Phil Everly solo)
Chronological History Volume 5 PAL 75 mins
A Chronological History Volume 5 1984-87 75m EX VHS
00-00-84: Kentucky (from Arena documentary, filmed in Kentucky) 
25-07-84: Interview + Live clips (Entertainment Tonight)
00-00-84: On The Wings Of A Nightingale (Promo Video, 1984)
00-00-84: The Story Of Me (Promo Video, 1984)
00-00-84: You Make It Seem So Easy / Wake Up Little Susie / All I Have To Do Is Dream / On The Wings Of A Nightingale / Lucille (Platen Gala, Dutch TV)
00-00-85: On The Wings Of A Nightingale / Walk Right Back / Bye Bye Love / Let It Be Me (Live At Her Majestys)
00-00-85: On The Wings Of A Nightingale (Des OConnor Tonight,)
00-00-86: Born Yesterday (Promo Video)
00-00-86: I Know Love (Promo Video)
00-00-86: Interview (Today)
00-00-86: Medley: Don't Worry Baby -  Getcha Back (with The Beach Boys) / Wake Up Little Susie (The Beach Boys - 25 Years Together TV Special)
00-09-86: Wake Up Little Susie / Lucille (Edina, Minnesota) (amateur footage)
00-00-87: Hits Medley / Why Worry (A Session with Chet Atkins)
Sydney PAL 23 mins
Live - Capital Theatre Sydney 20/08/71 23m M DVD
The Everly Brothers resumed performing in 1971, and signed a contract with RCA. Their world tour included Australia, Europe, USA, and Canada. On August 20th 1971 at the Capital Theatre Sydney, Australia, the Everly Brothers performed a live TV concert, which was recorded on videotape by ABC TV. Phil Everly was also interviewed before the concert. This TV recording is a rare snapshot of the Everly Brothers performing live in the early 1970s.
Honky Tonk Women / Wake Up Little Susie / All I Have To Do Is Dream / Orange Blossom Special Intro And Chat > Mama Tried / Band Intros And Chat / Bye Bye Love / Interview / Let It Be Me / Instrumental Outro And Credits
London PAL 75 mins
Live - Reunion Concert, Royal Albert Hall, London (Arena) 23/09/83 75m M DVD
In the autumn of 1983, the Everly Brothers played their legendary reunion concerts in London. Of all the venues in the world, they chose the Royal Albert Hall because they had treasured memories of playing there with their father Ike, a guitar virtuoso in his own right.
All London was there and it was such an event that the filming was fed live into the BBC 9 o'clock News. After their acrimonious split, which had lasted ten years, Arena's cameras proved that they and their unique, beautiful sound were as magical as ever.
First broadcast at Christmas 1983.
Arena PAL 95 mins
Live - Arena : Songs of Innocence and Experience 1984 95m M DVD
The Everly Brothers were among the most successful and revered of all the giants of early rock 'n' roll. A determining influence on the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and the Beach Boys, they brought the ethereal harmonies of the Appalachian Mountains to the wild mix of rock 'n' roll.
First broadcast in 1984 as part of their reunion after ten bitter years apart, Arena traces their fabulous career, their split and triumphant reunion. Most of all, Don and Phil wanted to revisit their roots in the coal mining area of Kentucky where their father Ike, a miner, had been a local guitar star. He too had played with his coal mining brothers, in the 30s. In the moody atmosphere of Muhlenberg County, they have an emotional reunion with three generations of Everlys.
With contributions from master musician and producer Chet Atkins, songwriters Felice and Boudleaux Bryant and the legendary guitar singer and ex-coal miner, Ike's close friend Mose Rager.
Harmonies From Heaven PAL 60 mins
Harmonies From Heaven (BBC4 Doc) 22/04/16 60m HD DVD
A HD 720p Transport Stream - 1.06Gb
Documentary which celebrates, over the period covering the end of the 1950s and the beginning of the 60s, the phenomenon of the Everly Brothers, arguably the greatest harmony duo the world has witnessed, who directly influenced the greatest and most successful bands of the 60s and 70s - the Beatles, the Stones, the Beach Boys and Simon & Garfunkel to name but a few.
Don and Phil Everly's love of music began as children, encouraged by their father Ike. Little Donnie and Baby Boy Phil sang on Ike's early-morning radio shows in Iowa.
After leaving school, the brothers moved to Nashville where, under the wing of Ike Everly's friend, the highly talented musician Chet Atkins, Don and Phil signed with Cadence Records. They exploded onto the music scene in 1957 with Bye Bye Love, written by Boudleaux and Felice Bryant.
After Bye Bye Love came other hits, notably Wake Up Little Susie, followed by the worldwide smash hit All I Have to Do Is Dream and a long string of other great songs which also became hits.
By 1960, however, the brothers were lured away from Cadence to Warner Bros with a $1,000,000 contract. Their biggest hit followed, the self-penned Cathy's Clown, which sold 8 million copies. Remaining at Warner Bros for most of the 60s, they had further success with Walk Right Back, So Sad and the King/Greenfield-penned track Crying in the Rain